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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Chloe BellinghamChloe Bellingham
A Brilliant Pass in Worcester
Stephen was very helpful in calming my nerves and making me feel incredibly comfortable when I needed extra support. I couldn't have wished for a better instructor.

Emily AlvesEmily Alves
A Brilliant First Time Pass
The learning helped me so much and was very individual to my abilities, the LDC workbook was great for me to support me with the upcoming dates towards my test.

Blake DavisBlake Davis
An Excellent First Time Pass, Well Done Blake.
The LDC System is very helpful as it has everything in one place for the theory as well as being able to see your next lessons. Stephen is very patient and good at explaining things in different ways if you do not understand the first time. Everything was taught at a comfortable pace and we revisited things from previous lessons to reinforce what was learned. I felt well prepared and if I needed to practice anything in particular then Stephen would happily go over it.

An excellent Pass
I've really enjoyed my lessons with Stephen. Throughout my time learning with him, he's been exceptionally compassionate and patient which has allowed me to feel confident in my abilities whilst learning at a pace that suits me. He's always been flexible and adapted to my learning needs. I know I will be a good and safe driver thanks to everything he has taught me.

Well done Maia, An Excellent First Time Pass
Very good instructor, very helpful with everything and leading up to the test! Will definitely recommend.

Congratulations Zac, Really Well Done
I cannot fault Stephen in any areas in preparing me for my driving test.

Congratulations, An Excellent First Time Pass
Stephen is calm and patient and offers support throughout your learning to drive process. The LDC materials provided for the theory test are brilliant and it all helped me pass first time with only one minor fault.

An amazing result, Well Done Cara
Patient, Calm, Observant. Excellent Instructor.

An Excellent Result - Well Done Ryan
Stephen has been amazing, he is patient, understanding and is great at explaining what you are supposed to do. The LDC workbook is great for reading and seeing what you should do on a diagram. Both Stephen and the book are incredibly helpful. The car is smooth and is great to learn in. The LDC videos were great to watch and listen to, they are very educational and great for learners.

Well done and congratulations
Always really willing to adapt to my schedule and give me as many lessons as I needed. Very quick to respond to my texts and messages. Supportive and extremely helpful when I struggled with test anxiety.

An Excellent Result - Well Done Mia
Really helpful and gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test. I'd recommend Stephen to anyone who is looking to drive.

A brilliant First Time Pass
Very Patient. Helped me believe in myself. Always helpful with questions. The LDC workbook and videos very helpful.

A brilliant First Time Pass
Stephen was a fantastic instructor, very supportive and professional and saw me through every step of the learning process. I passed my test first time because of Stephen's teaching.

A Well Deserved Pass. Congratulations
Stephen has been excellent to help me pass. He has helped me with things I've been struggling with.

An Excellent Result. Well Done & Congratulations
Stephen taught me how to drive confidently and calmly. I was able to use his training videos to help me with my practical driving. He was very helpful and kind and I never felt under pressure.

A very impressive First Time Pass
He is such a brilliant instructor. His patience with me even when things didn't go so well was immense. I can't thank him enough. He was so helpful.

A Wonderful Result - First Time Pass
I couldn't ask for a better instructor! I have loved every lesson and feel that it is all because of you! I feel that I have progressed well due to your great teaching style and lovely company. Thank you for everything.

An Amazing First Time Pass
I felt that every lesson matched my speed of learning and kept me eager to learn to drive. I now feel I am confident enough to drive safely and independently. I'm extremely pleased with my driving test result and will continue to use everything I have been taught in each lesson.

First Time Pass
Stephen is an extremely wise, knowledgeable and calm instructor. Our lessons were always at ease and peaceful. He was extremely confident and re-assuring at times when I made a mistake and made sure I understood what was wrong and why. I 100% recommend Stephen to anyone who wants be a safe, well taught driver.

A refresher course, starting from the beginning.
Charlotte had not driven a car in such a long time, she requested that we start from the beginning as we would with somebody who had never driven before. This is what she said: "Stephen is the driving instructor that every single person should learn to drive with. His care and patience, as well as high standards, ensured that I never felt in anything but the safest pair of hands. Thank you so much" Unfortunately, we don't have a photo of Charlotte.

Well done. An amazing result.
Very kind and calm when something goes wrong. Gives a lot of tips and tricks to help make driving easier. Listens to what I have to say.

Evie TonksEvie Tonks
Congratulations - Passed First Time
Stephen was absolutely brilliant and super supportive throughout the lessons. Information was provided clearly and lessons were flexible enough to cater to what I needed at the time. I felt very prepared for my test and felt that I had a good amount of experience with driving under all conditions. I felt very comfortable and safe while driving, before going into the test I felt confident about my own abilities and that I knew what would happen in the test. I used the workbook regularly and found the ability to track my progress very useful. The workbook was most useful in the run up to the test to check my knowledge, especially with the show me tell me questions. I used the videos for the manoeuvres but not often for other aspects of driving.

An excellent Result - Well Done Chloe
Stephen is extremely patient and has guided me through every aspect of learning to drive safely. He is professional and remains calm, which in turn has helped me to do the same. He has been a huge confidence boost for me and I highly recommend him as a driving instructor and his teaching methods. He helped me become familiar with difficult routes and has always been able to answer questions on things I have been unsure of.

Jon HuntJon Hunt
Congratulations - An excellent First Time Pass
Very good instructor, gives clear and worthwhile lessons. Would recommend.

Scott WoodwardScott Woodward
First Time Pass & No Faults
Stephen is an amazing instructor, calm and collected. Will recommend him to everyone.

An Excellent First Time Pass
Stephen is very patient and is a understanding instructor. He was an amazing instructor, I wouldn't have wanted anyone else. The LDC workbook was useful as it allowed me to see what areas of driving I needed to improve on and how I was progressing.

Ben BeachamBen Beacham
Well Done - A First Time Pass
Stephen was a great instructor and helped me to increase my confidence as well as teaching me to drive.

Rupert DaleRupert Dale
An Excellent Result - Well Done Rupert
The best out there, the way he gives priority near your test. When he asks how you are and family. He deserves a medal.

Harvel LevellHarvel Levell
A First Time Pass
I found my lessons to be very progressive and I never felt I wasn't progressing as fast as I could and whenever I had any questions Stephen was very informative. I found some of the LDC workbook useful especially the progress tracking and correlating that to the pages in the book.

Steve SutcliffeSteve Sutcliffe
Passed First Time
Stephen's instructions are very easy to understand and he is good with his timekeeping. He is very supportive and guided me the right way. One new happy driver.

First Time Pass
Calm. Always tells me where I can improve. Stephen has shown me tips and ways to improve my driving. Will fully recommend him to anyone learning to drive.